Generic Plaque Cert REVRoco Rescue would like to recognize your professional rescue efforts with a Roco Rescue Plaque for reports that we receive highlighting a successful rope rescue event that has taken place at your worksite.


Below are a few recent rescues Roco has received:

Real Rescue: Mandan Refinery Technical Rescue Team

When an employee's knee locks up while on a 30' elevated unit deck, the refinery's technical rescue team steps in to safely lower the patient to the ground. Read More...
mandan rescue

Real Rescue: Minnkota Power Rescue Team

See how a power plant’s rescue team responds when an employee working at the top of scaffolding suffers a serious knee injury and is unable to self-rescue. Read More...


Real Rescue: Dozer Driver Buried in Wood Chip Pile at Paper Mill

A paper mill plant gets a call from their dozer operator from his cell phone. While backing along the wood chip pile, the weight of the dozer collapsed a bridge under the pile. The bridge didn’t just collapse, it consumed the dozer. Read More...


Click here to access our Real Rescue Report.

For more information or to submit your rope rescue report, email or call 800-647-7626.