I was very pleased with the recertification course. You all did
a great job and delivered a great product
SGT Ronald S., PAPD ESU Training
Confined Space and Rope Recertification
“Thank you for the great training experience once again. Eddie
(Chapa) and Josh (Blake) did a great job. We have worked with
Eddie many times over the years, but this was the first time we
have worked with Josh, and he was great as well. Roco always
puts on a great class, with great instructors and facilities, and
always stays on top of the latest equipment and techniques. We
are fortunate to only be ten minutes down the road, but it is easy
to see why people travel from all over the world to train with Roco.
— James F., Placid Refining Company, LLC
Urban/Industrial Rescue Team Operations™
“This is the second time here for my team. I appreciate the job you
and your team do. We will be back!
— Ronnie W., ExxonMobil
Urban/Industrial Rescue Team Operations™
In my nearly eight years of being in the role of a safety specialist,
I can say that I have not attended a better training course. I appreciate
Roco and everything your team brings to the world of rescue training.
— Decoda H., Rain Carbon
Urban/Industrial Rescue Essentials™
“I will be a better instructor and rescuer because of this class!
Excellent instructor! The class was GREAT, as expected!”
— Paul P., Dominion
Fast-Track™ Confined Space & Rope Technician


“Great Program! Some experience in CS, but this program made 
me even question what I had learned 
prior, for the better!
Thank you so much!!”
— Stephen H., Dominion
Fast-Track™ Confined Space & Rope Technician


“Each time I attend Roco classes, I attain more knowledge 
about rope rescue.”
— Emile G., DOW
Compliance Rescue Refresher™


“The instructors were phenomenal. They kept a good balance 
of keeping things fun while teaching useful skills. I loved the 
hands on experience, there was so much of it and I came out 
of the course learning much more than I thought I would. I’ve 
taken a handful of rigging courses and this was the BEST 
in-depth and hands on I have ever come across!”
— Anthony H., Arcane Action
Urban/Industrial Rescue Essentials™


“Instructors taught new ways to approach rescues and enhanced 
my abilities.”
— James L., ExxonMobil
Compliance Rescue Refresher™


“We had a really positive experience overall. All of the instructors 
had a very encouraging attitude throughout and were helpful in 
answering any questions that arose. They also did a great job 
explaining techniques to be avoided and why, which tied in well 
to understanding important industry regulations.
— David P., Marathon
Urban/Industrial Rescue Essentials™


“Always very good instructors. Been coming here for 11 years
and ALL instructors have been GREAT!”
— Donald H., Nutrien
Compliance Rescue Refresher™